Galaxy S8 Case

This Galaxy S8 case by ieeGo is pretty cool. It is thin and gives my phone a more natural feel to it. It feels like it is made of durable plastic. The case can bend without breaking. My phone doesn’t feel heavy like with other cases. I got the clear one. The case protects from smudges, dirt, and fingerprints. My only con is that it is so light and bendable I’m not sure it can protect my phone from a drop. But again, I haven’t dropped my phone to test it.

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I ordered this spinner by ToyerBee because it has such a unique design. It is so different from other spinners I have seen. It is made with 6 winged filled with little ball bearings. The body of the spinner is made of aluminum metal. It is much heavier than other spinners, but the tubes can be unscrewed to make the balance different. The spin time is good. The black and gold looks amazing as it spins. I would recommend this product to you.

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Essential oil defuserĀ 

I love this essential oil defuser. I suffer from anxiety and depression, surprisingly the scents I put in the defuser helps change my moods. I like peppermint and lavender.

It is so easy to use. You fill the defuser with water and the right amount of essential oil using the measuring cup. You can set it to turn on in 30 second intervals or stay on the whole time. It will shut off automatically. The thing I like best is that there is seven different colors that change.
Included with the defuser is a measuring cup, a wall charger and a user manual. This product carries a 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty.

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ipad 9.7 case

This iPad 9.7 case by poetic is nice. I like it a lot. The case is made of PU leather. It a slim and has a nice feel to it. I don’t worry when I’m carrying my iPad around in my bag. I like that it completely covers the whole iPad. When I want to watch a movie I can flip the case so that the front cover turns into a stand. I can sit it on my bed or desk and binge watch a series if I want. I would definitely recommend this case to you.

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Play Doctor Set

This is such a fun toy for kids. My daughter was always scared to go to the doctor. A doctor set like this one by FunsLane would have helped her overcome some of her fears. Kids are scared of the unknown, but introducing them to objects they will see at the doctor will help. This is a great set for kids. It comes with all the neat little toys to play pretend like a stethoscope, shot needle, glasses, tongue depressor, microscope and more. The toys are all made of eco-friendly plastic and includes a case to fit it all in. This toy is safe for kids 3+

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Toddler Summer Dress

This dress by Firearm is so cute. It fits my cousin just right. I ordered the 4T dress. It is yellow and white. The flowers at the bottom are the cutest.

This dress is made of cotton. It is light and comfortable, perfect for summer. It has puffy sleeves and a Peter pan collar. It opens and closes in the back with buttons.
I love this dress. I would recommend it for your little girl.

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Micro USB to Type C adapter

My daughter got me a new phone for mother’s day. I love my new phone, but it uses a type c charger. Most of my cables are micro usb. That’s why I was so happy to find this product by Rampow. All I have to so is put this connector on my micro usb cables and they work as a type c. I love it. Now I don’t have to replace all my cables. I would definitely recommend.

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