Colonial Style Candle Lantern For Outdoor/Indoor Use

I got this product to hang outside on my porch. My family often gather around to talk and be goofy. I am from the deep south, and that’s what we do here. But this colonial style candle lantern by cloud shops is too beautiful to bring outside. It has four sides of glass covered with criss cross bars. There is a door that opens by raising the latch. It opens easily and a tea candle fits inside. When lit, the light glows brilliantly. The handle on the lantern is rather large. You can easily hang it on an object.

I would recommend this product to anyone look for something beautiful for inside or outside. It would be very useful if you were camping or fishing. Also it would be great after a storm if the power goes out. For me, I’m keeping this lantern on my side table so I can admire it.#lantern #indoor/outdoor


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