Dog Shampoo Whitening 

So I have three dogs. My baby, she is a poodle/pom mix. She is all white except one ear and around her mouth. My English bulldog is light brown and white, and my Yorkie, well a Yorkie. So I chose to try this whiting shampoo on all three. I started with Kiba the Yorkie Because he hates baths and will hide. The shampoo helped his silver hair look nicer, and left him shiny and clean. Lucky the English bulldog was next.. I had to fight with him the whole time but we finally got him clean. The white around his neck and legs looked so much h better. He too was coat was shiny as well. It was finally princess’s turn. I had been waiting to see what thus shampoo could really do. She was filthy at the time because she rolls around in the dirt and grass Everytime the door opens. I lathered her up real good. I washed her twice because of all the dirt. This whitening shampoo made my baby clean again. She was beautiful, and her coat was so white. All three smelled so great, and they knew it I am very impressed. The best thing is that this shampoo is all natural. I am not putting chemicals on my furry babies. I love it.

#white #shampoo #dogs


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