Emoh Wash Bag for Socks, Delicates, Sweaters, Underwear, Bra and Lingerie

I got the Emoh wash bags for two reasons. First, I’m tired of losing all my socks. Second, my daughter is so picky about her clothes being washed. She is always telling me not to wash certain shirts because they are too easy to ruin. So these bags solve two problems with one product. There are 6 bags included, 2 large bags, 2 smaller bags, and 2 round pop up bags for bras or socks. The material is strong, made of polyester. I think they could last quite awhile. There is also a rubber place to fold the zipper in, as to not tear up other clothing. These bags can go in the washer and dryer. They are great, I would recommend them to you.

#clothes #nolostsocks #emoh


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