OUTERDO LED Lantern Camping and Emergency lamp

I live on the Gulf Coast, and as most of you know we are a prime target for hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. With these storms we often get power outages. During Katrina we lost power for a week. Candles are ok, they will light a room if you have enough going at one time. But you always have to worry about falling asleep and starting a fire. A flash light is also a good tool, but for one person at a time. With this Outerdo LED lantern you can have light to fill the room for everyone and not worry about a fire.

The product was a bit smaller than I expected, but I’m ok with that. It takes up less space to store. It has five stages of light. The first is very bright. It covers more area than a single flashlight. The next two become dimmer. The forth is a flashing light, and the last is a strobe light. These last two stage would be great if you find yourself needing to be rescued, like after a tornado. The lantern comes with a nice handle that can easily be hooked onto an object. The thing I like the best is that the lantern is also a magnet. You can stick it to any metal object. An USB cable is also included in the box. The one thing that I wish thus product contained was a place for batteries. If the power is off it can’t be recharged. Regardless I would recommend this product to anyone to keep in their emergency bags.#lantern #stormready #camping


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