OxGord Pet Brush Grooming Comb For Shedding Rake Trimming Tool

So I have three dogs and 2 cats. My smallest is a toy poodle/ pom. She sheds so bad. I wear as much of her fur as she does I think. My Yorkie also has hard to manage hair as well, although he does not shed nearly as much. I received my OxGord grooming brush just a few days after I placed my order. I tried it on my Yorkie first because he loves to be brushed. I was surprised at how much hair came out, since he isn’t a big shedder. He enjoyed the experience and the few knots he had came out with ease. Now for my little girl, she wasn’ t as keen to being brushed at first, but after awhile she laid down and seemed to enjoy it. It worked amazing. I was worried it would get stuck in her hair because it is so curly, but it worked great. I am wearing way less hair today. I haven’t tried it on my English bulldog or the cats yet, but I expect great results as well. I am a very pleased customer.

#pets #dogs # grooming


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