Jar, Bottle & Can Opener By PumpkinStore 

I talk about my mom alot. She means the world to me. Now that she is older, I have moved back home to lend her a hand. She has had a horrible time with her health. She had cancer twice, both lymphoma and breast, and beat it both times. She is a fighter. 

Even though I am here to help her with anything she asks, she likes to feel independent. It’s hard when you get older an know you depend on others for the simple things in life. That’s why I like this jar opener. It allows her to have just a little control over something. Even if that something is opening a jar of pickles.

The jar opener is a nice blue and white color. It is made of food grade polypropylene (PP) and rubber which are safe for use in your kitchen. the product is extremely comfortable in your hands. It can open anything from a small water bottle to a large jar of spaghetti sauce. This product is simple to use. 

If you have arthritis or some other ailments, or simply have a hard time opening jars, get one of these. There is a 100% risk free, satisfaction guarantee.

#kitchen, #gadget, # cooking


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