Paww DualSound Wireless In Ear Headphones

I love music. I always have a set of earphones in my ear unless I am reading. As you can guess I can go through them quickly. Most are made cheaply. They don’t fit well, or the sound is simply muffled or not loud enough. I have not invested in a super high priced fancy set because more times then not my daughter steals my headphones anyway.

I found these on Amazon, and I’ll admit I got a great deal for them. I wasn’t expecting anything special honestly. I was so wrong. These headphones by paww are amazing. 

I had a little trouble at first, I had never used Bluetooth headphones. After I got them set up right, I was so impressed. First, they come with 6 sets of pads. 3 regular and 3 memory foam ones. So I found a great set of the memory foam ones. Second, the sound is clear. There are independent 5.8 mm tweeter and 13.6 mm woofer in each earbud. This means the music is actually loud enough. Third, you can set your phone down on the table and walk around the house and still pick up a great signal. I’m not sure how far the reach really is. I live in a small house. Also, when you are not using the headphones but still have then around your neck, they will stay secure because each earbud has a magnet in it.

All I can say is I love these!! I am hiding them from my daughter when she comes home from college. Maybe she will get a set for Christmas, but not this pair!!

#headphones, #music, #paww


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