Women’s Cotton “Knitting” Warm Soft Winter Socks – 5 Pack

These socks have both good and bad qualities. First, the description says they contain wool. They don’t, they are a cotton blend. They are thicker then most cotton socks. I do not think this product will keep your feet as warm as the description claims. They did keep my feet dry from sweat and rainwater though. These socks are also soft. I love the way the material feels on my skin.

The socks came in a pack of 5 pairs. Mine were pink, orange, black, gray, and blue. They have kittens on the top and say mew mew. They are adorable. Honestly I bought these because of the kittens. 

The socks are smaller than described. I wear a size 8, and they were real snug. I will probably give these to my mom for Christmas. She has baby feet anyway. And she is a sucker for anything cute.

#socks, #cotton, #toosmall


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