Changing Color Coffee Mug 

I love coffee, I mean really love coffee more than I love most people. I cannot function throughout my day without it. So I found this product on a web site. It claimed this mug would change colors if you add hot liquid to it. So I am also a skeptic. So I took this as a challenge and bought the mug.

When I open the box with this product in it, the mug was black and had a sad, sleepy face on it. Reminded me of myself in the morning. Of course I had to make coffee right then.The coffee mug did change from black sad face to a blue happy face. Cool, huh? I was shocked. My doubting mind was blown away. It actually works.This is my new favorite coffee mug, which makes my second favorite Jack Skeleton mug sad. 

The cup is made of a heat sensitive ceramic material. Also included is an eco-friendly wooden coaster. 

Ok, the bad news is this mug cannot be put in the dishwasher or microwave. But there is a 100% money back guarantee so that kind of makes up for it.

#coffee, #tea, #mug


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