WOLLZ 5ft Strong iPhone Charging Cable

First let me say this, I am not an iPhone girl. I can’t stand the platform. But this review is not about iPhones soo..

I got this charger cable for my daughter. Always having to be the opposite of me, she loves her iPhone. When the cable  arrived it looked like any other charger. It is bright red, and 5ft long. It is a pretty good length and it doesn’t get all tangled up. This product is made of rubber copper and the lightening connector head is coated with aluminium. The description says it meets apple standards. It charges my daughter’s phone super fast, which is a great thing for an 18 year old. 

The lightening cable is compatible with newer model iphones 4-7, iPad 4, iPad air 1-2, iPad mini 1-3, iPod 5, and iPod nano 7.

This product t comes with an 18 month warranty.

#iphone, # cable, #phone, #charger


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