Handi Home Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

Again, coffee is my obsession!! I wake up in the morning only because I know I will soon have a cup of coffee in my hands.I am kind of weird though (ok alot weird), I like to mix it up sometimes with cold coffee. I know, I know it’s almost sacrilege to say such a thing. But I can’t help it. I like cold coffee too.

The cold brew coffee maker arrived about a week ago. Be careful not to throw the box away because it contains the instructions. Just in case you are ADHD like me, here are the instructions: you place the coffee grounds in the filter and add water. Swish it around gently until the brewing process begins. Leave it to steep for 12 or more hours. If you want stronger coffee leave it longer. Every so often swish it around. It’s not rocket science or anything. And no, if you stare at it, it will not brew faster. I tell you that from experience.

Ok so the good news about this product is this… The pitcher is made of food-grade18/8 stainless steel  and contains a reeusable permanent filter. The glass is sturdy, made of durable borosilicate glass (similar to Pyrex). It holds 42 oz. Of liquid, which means lots of coffee. The brew comes out very smooth.i was impressed. Be careful though because it is a bit sweeter so you might want to add less creamer and sugar.

Now the bad news, the filter only goes down so far which means you have to make alot of coffee at once. Plus you have to grind the coffee very coarse or there will be residue at the bottom. Also, although you can store the coffee in the pitcher, the lid doesn’t fit right without the filter.

There is a customer satisfaction guarantee, if you are dissatisfied you get your money back no questions asked. So a plus for me. I’m keeping mine!! 

#coffee, #coldbrew, #handibrew


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