Colorful Brew French Press Coffee Maker.

Yes, coffee again 😁 come on, give me a break this was a great find.. my adhd brain said “coffee, coffee, coffee” plus I didn’t have a French press.

This French press is amazing. It is beautiful, made of a thick BPA- free plastic frame. The coffee press also has a heat resistant borosilicate glass, which can hold very high brewing temperatures. The three part stainless steel plunger press has a fine mesh filter. The description says there is a ground free guarantee. Honestly, when I used the French press, there was no grounds or residue in my coffee. The plunger can be taken apart and put in the dishwasher. That is always a plus for me. 
I love the coffee that this product produces!! It is smooth and so tasty. I would go as far as saying the coffee is as good as overpriced Starbucks coffee (which I tend to love). If you are in the market for a great cup of coffee, get one of these.. you will not regret it!! 

#coffee, #frenchpress, #colorfulbrew


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