RundA Pet Clippers, grooming kit

I have two dogs with long hair. Kiba is my Yorkie, the baby Princess is a toy poodle/ pom mix. I love these dogs like my babies. But their hair grows entirely too fast. I’m at the point where I cannot take them to the groomer every month. But I also can’t let my guys run around looking like common street trash either. I don’t want them to look like unloved strays. 

So I came across these clippers, and had to buy them. They are very nice. The clippers themselves are gold with a picture of a little dog. The product is cordless. Awesome huh? It takes 2-3 hours to charge and will hold the charge up to 8 hours. Because the clippers are cordless, it is easy to handle. They are also quiet, which is good for small dogs that get frightened easily, like my two. They are so timid. I had trouble at first with my guys, but after the initial newness of the clippers they calmed down. I will admit when I got around Kiba’s head he got very upset.
The blade is made of titanium and the set comes with an extra blade. There are four different size combs for you to choose from. They attach to the blade to create different hair lengths.

You can safely use these clippers even if you are a beginner.

So the bad news, you can’t get the product wet. To clean the blade, use a wet cloth only. Also the kit does not include oil accessories because of shipping requirements. I have no idea if the oil is necessary.

#clippers, #pets, #cordless


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