Swagga weightlifting gloves

I don’t do alot of free weight lifting but I do use the weightlifting machines at the gym on occasions. So these gloves are pretty cool for me. 

This product is good for men and women and comes in sizes that range from small to x- large. The workout gloves are black with white stitching. Pretty tough looking. They are nice and sturdy made with a half finger design which provides a firm grip for your weightlifting. These gloves are made of breathable leather, nylon, and spandex with padding to prevent calluses. Also the gloves feature a 12 inch wrist strap to add support to your wrists. 

I like them. They look rocking. Mine are medium and fit great. My hands don’t sweat more because I am wearing them. My grip has improved which is great, and my hands hurt less after lifting. So I would recommend these. 

This product includes a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you find the gloves don’t meet your expectation, you will get a full refund.

#weightlifting, #gloves, #swagga


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