Boomur 4.8 Amp Dual USB Car Charger

Everyone needs a charger for their car these days. How awful is it to get lost and have your phone die on you. Or what about that important call that ends up dropping because, boom, your phones loses power.

This is a product for everyone!! The product description says it is one of the best chargers out there. Who knows? I’m not a tech nerd. I just know it charges my phone super fast.

The car charger is black with blue around the edges. When plugged in, the blue part lights up so you can see it even in the dark. It has two USB ports to rapidly charge anything from an iPhone, Android, tablets, or computers. It has a 4.8 amp and 24 watt total output that makes the charge fast. The product description says that the intelligent chip will only use as much voltage as your device needs. This will prevent that device from overcharging and becoming damaged. This car charger is compact, it doesn’t take up much room. It should fit in any car cigarette adaptor.

I don’t know if all that is true. I’m guessing that it is by what I have experienced. And also if for any reason you are dissatisfied the seller, Boomur, offers a one year warranty. So really you have nothing to lose.

#car, #charger, #boomur


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