Rocky Mountain ice scraper

I have stated before that I live in the deep south. We don’t get much ice or snow. So I wrote this review according to my cousin Vince. He hasn’t had a chance to try this particular scraper out yet, but he has experience with others.

First the description: The Rocky mountain Ice  scraper is black with red stripes. The scraper has two sides. One is a flat chisel and the other is a claw. This product is 10 inches long and made of extra thick plastic for extreme scraping. There is also an Ergonomic foam handle for extra grip.

Vince told me this ice scraper looked like it would withhold one hell of a winter. It is thicker than most ice scraper. With the claw side you could break up the toughest ice and then use the flat side to scrape it off. The foam handle is great. It will save you from having to suffer through blisters.

The ice scraper comes with a black carrying case. It is waterproof so you don’t have to get you car seats wet. that’s always a good thing.

The product is backed by a 10 year warranty!! if you manage to break this monster, they will replace it and even pay for your shipping cost.

#ice,#winter, #scraper


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