Lifewit Dog chew toys

My dogs love to play and I love to play with them. My baby girl is a little thing, weighing in at 6 pounds. She will play with anything. Actually her favorite toy is an empty water bottle. 

But my Kiba, he is an aggressive chewer. He tears up every toy I bring into the house. I love to play with Kiba but I’ve about given up on bringing home toys. They last about 5 minutes, and the other dogs never have a chance to even sniff them. 

That’s why I was so happy to find the lifewit toys for aggressive chewers. They are tough, made of non-toxic plastic, so as not to harm your pet. The set comes with a blue bone, this would be great for chewing on or playing tug of war. The other toy is a red ball. It is great for chasing and fetching. These toys are hollow inside and will float in water. That is perfect if your dog is a swimmer. Each toy contains little Nubins that will make your dog want to chew more. This is great for cleaning their teeth.

The bright colors will attract your pets attention, and the squeak will keep them coming back .

My Kiba is scared of the squeaking though. Not only does he scare himself, but My little Princess will actually chase him around the house squeaking the toy at him. I find it funny.

So not only will your dog get plenty of exercise, but you will too just playing with them.

#dogs, #toys, # lifewit


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