A Modern Utopia

​H.G. Wells is best known for his contribution to the sci-fi world, writing such books as War of the World’s and The Time Machine. But few know of his works in history, politics, and social commentary. He even wrote textbooks.

Well’s was also a very outspoken socialist. His book, A Modern Utopia, is his proposal for a world state. He says,”a flexible common compromise, in which a perpetually novel succession of individualities may converge most effectually upon a comprehensive onward development.”

I found the book rather interesting, although it contradicts what I believe. I like the way H.G Wells intertwined his political views with fiction.  I think it is important to respect others and learn from their point of view. H.G. Wells is an amazing author. I would recommend this book. If for no other reason than because it is a piece of historical literature. 


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