Boley Toy Tractors

My daughter, she has turned 18 and left me for college. Her life is consumed by classes, tests, and her sorority. She doesn’t have time for her old mom much anymore. So my house gets pretty empty.

I miss the sounds of a child laughing and playing. That’s why I often bring my two nephews over to play. I try to keep toys around for Jaxon and Rowen to play with. These guys are all boy. They love their cars and trucks. That’s why I bought this next item.

The toy farm trucks are made by Boley. Thats right up Jax’s alley. The set includes three different toy machines. The set has a green, and, red tractor with farm machinery behind it. The third is a yellow bulldozer. The toys are good for digging in the sandbox, carrying dirt, hauling things, and much more. These boys have done it all. We have had hours of fun playing with these trucks.

These toys are made of plastic and are for ages 3 and up. I will say this, I would watch my 3 year old while playing with these toys. There are many small parts that could come lose especially if your boys are as rough as my nephews. I would not leave them to play alone with this product.

#tractors, #toys, #boley


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