Azolt Portable Keyboard

​I am an Android girl. I love my phone, I really do. But I hate to text. Mostly because of the keyboard. It is so hard to press the right letters, then auto correct gives me some off the wall word and my message becomes some jumbled up mess that doesn’t make a bit of sense. 

That’s why I was happy when I came across the Azolt portable keyboard. This thing is great. My keyboard has went from the size of a playing card to about 85% of a regular sized keyboard. It is easy to set up and is compatible with Android, iphones, and windows. As long as your device is Bluetooth enabled it should work great. There is a built in stand that holds your device in place. You can find your ideal angle and keep it.

The keyboard is foldable as well. It will fit in your purse, book bag, or briefcase with ease. It is held closed with a magnet. The best thing is that when the keyboard is folded up, the power goes off. This will save your charge. 

This product has changed my texting capacity. Now, I don’t mind it so much. I would definitely recommend this product.

#keyboard, #phone,#azolt


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