Flyingstore iPhone USB charging cable

I am always on the lookout for charger cables. Between Raven (my college girl), my mom, and me, we go through chargers. Most are made cheap, and we can be rough on then. They get tangled, the rubber comes off the edges, the wires break etc. 

But this product claims to be different, it is the Flyingstore iphone USB charging cables. The set includes two black cords made of Eco-friendly TPE & Zinc-Alloy. The shape is amazing. I’ve never seen another cable made like this one.  It is thicker than other cables and charging and data transmission speed is increased by 40%. Faster charging sounds great to me. Also this charging cable is tangle free. 

The description says it is compatible with iPhone 5- 6s plus, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad mini 1-4, iPad  iPad Pro, iPod Touch 5th generation/ Touch 6th generation, iPod Nano 7th generation and fit for iOS 9. 

I have only used it with my iPad air 2, But it worked great. I can’t promise how long the cable will last. I have only had mine for a week and a half. But this think looks durable. I would recommend it.

#charger, #cable, #iphone


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