Portable USB essential oil diffuser and humidifier

I put this portable USB essential oil diffuser in my bedroom to cover the smell of my dogs. I have two small dogs who think they need to be in my bed. It worked good. The product is small so it fit perfectly on my desk. You can also put it In the bathroom or even in your car. I like to use lavender and peppermint the most. I happen to just like those smells. I don’t know that much about essential oils, but I do know they can be therapeutic. Certain scents can change your whole mood. I fully intend to learn more.

Back to the product: It has 2 working modes, aroma mode and humidifier mode, that puts out a different amount of mist. It will work 3 hours on the aroma mode and 1.5 hours on the humidifier mode. The diffuser will automatically turn off when it runs out of water.
I am glad I got this product and would recommend it to you.

#diffuser, #oils, #skygenius


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