I live in the south, we hunt all kinds of animals. In all honesty, I am not a hunter,  never killed anything bigger than a bug. The thing about this slingshot by Friendly18 is that it is powerful enough to hunt with but also easy enough to use in sports and other outdoor games. The slingshot is gorgeous. The handle is made in the shape of an eagle’s head. The grip is very comfortable in my hand. The slingshot part is made of 6 very strong rubber bands. It is easy to aim and shoot. 3 pellets are included for ammo, a leather pocket, 2 anti-slip collars, and a hexagon screwdriver for tightening if needed.

I have had fun with this product, my only complaint is I ran out of ammo and have to order more. 😁

#slingshot, #hunting, #sports 


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