Fitness tracker watch

The fitness tracker watch by Letscom does exactly what it says. It keeps time, tracks your heart rate, counts your steps, caloric intake, and track your sleep. This fitness band works through Bluetooth to pair with your phone. You can keep track of any received text messages or social media messages. You can control your music volume and camera. The tracker also has an anti loss feature that will help you find your phone. 

You charge the fitness tracker by taking the tracker part off the strap. Then simply slip it into any USB port. It charges pretty fast and keeps the charge for quite awhile.

 The fitness tracker supports iPhone 4S and above and android 4.4 or above. It is not compatible with PC or Tablet. 

The tracker is worth the money but it was incredibly hard to pair with my phone. The pamphlet included is vague and in many different languages. 

#fitness, #tracker, #letscom


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