To Kill a Wife

This was an interesting read to say the least… murder, mystery, suspense. It has it all. If you are looking to solve a puzzling, twisting, guessing game than this is the book for you. 

The victim, Verna Hume, is hated by all. She is a down right bitch to everyone. She refused to give her husband, Martin, a divorce out of meaness. In return he has fantasies about killing her. She has many affairs with different men. She treated her family like dirt. So much so that her sister has an affair with Martin. Then there is her business partner who she fought with the day before her death.

So who did it? That’s up to you to figure out along with Inspector Peach and his partner. 

I liked the book a lot. It kept me guessing and reguessing. I would recommend this one to all the mystery loving readers out there.

#murder, #sudpense, #wife


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