Grill Mats

Grilling is one thing we do a lot of here in the south. So I am always on the lookout for new gadgets and products to make grilling easier and fun. I ran across these grill mats by Oneseago the other day. As soon as they came in, I had to try them. My favorite food to grill is shrimp, but unless you use a skewers they are very hard to cook. I thought that would be a perfect test for these mats. It was great. No problem with them falling through the grates, no trouble turning them, and they didn’t overcook. I also grilled squash and zucchini on the mats. It was good too. The thing I like best is that these mats are thin enough to leave grill marks. 

I would definitely recommend this product but if you are not impressed there is a 100% guarantee.  

#grilling, #outdoors, #oneseago


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