Shoe covers

I know these shoe covers by Homder are made for medical purposes but they are good for so much more. I originally bought them because I was taking care of my dad after his surgery. He is better now and I have went back home. So I use these shoe covers for working in my garden. They are great. I take them off before I go inside and they dirt does not get tracked on my floors. 

The discription says they are disposable but they can be put in the washer. I don’t think I would keep them if I was using them for a medical purpose though.

These shoe covers are made of polypropylene non woven fabric. They are large and very durable.  

You get 50 pairs in all. They come in pink, blue and black. I like them and would recommend these shoe covers to you. If you are not pleased there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

#covers, #medical, #gardening


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