Bicycle Headlight

This bicycle light by Zoker is really nice. Again, my nephew Michael rides his bicycle all the time at night. I worry about him. I worry less with this light mounted on his bike. It is perfect for his needs. The light has 5 modes: light-sensor, warning hazard light, normal, super bright, and flashing. The tail light that is included has 3 modes for taillight: normal, burst flashing, and slow flashing. It is easy for Michael​ to see what’s around him as well as easy for motorists to see him.

The light is easy to install on the bicycle and easy to take off for charging. It is durable and can take a hit if the bike falls over. It is also waterproof. This light can keep a charge for a very long time. I left it on hazard for three days straight and it never died. To charge all you have to do is use the included USB cable. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge it.

Included with this product is the headlight, tail light, USB cable, headlight mount and instruction manual. This item also carries a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty. 

#bicycle, #light, #safety 


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