Magnetic Bluetooth headphones

These wireless Bluetooth headphones by iAmer work great. They fit in my ears perfectly. The headphones never fell out when i was jogging or cleaning the house. These headphones are also sweatproof, so you can workout without worrying about hurting them.

These headphones are easy to pair with your device. You can actually pair them to two devices at once. That’s great if you want to share your music. They are compatible with most Bluetooth enabled phones, or tablets. The battery is also great. It will last 3 and 1/2 hours, or 150 hours on standby. The thing I like best is the magnetic ear pieces. You can connect them around your neck and not worry about losing them.
Included in the package is, the headphones, a charger cable, 2 pairs of silicone rubber tips, and a manual. This item carries a 45 day money back guarantee and a 12 month quality guarantee.

#headphones, #bluetooth, #magnetic 


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