Bluetooth FM radio transmitter

This FM transmitter by Tonight is pretty cool. I started not to get this transmitter because I was thinking, why do I need this if I have my phone to play music on the car. But I am glad i did! Now I can still play the same music but through my stereo system. The sound is great. The transmitter has two ports, one for your device and one to read files. You can charge your phone while listening to music. I like that.

This transmitter will play music from 4 different sources: Bluetooth, usb flash drive, sd card, or from a device from the audio cable.
If you have your phone connected, you can still see and take your calls. The transmitter has a mic built in, so you can talk hands free. There is a large screen so you can see who is calling. You can also see song information and even your battery voltage.
I like this FM transmitter and would recommend it to you.
#bluethooth, #transmitter, #tomight 


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