OldShark Dash Cam

This dash cam by OldShark is pretty cool. It comes with all the features you would expect from a more expensive dash cam. It is sturdy and durable. The video and sound quality are great. It records in HD resolution, making the video footage clear. The camera covers a 140 degree field. It is great for day or night. The night vision includes an infared feature. I like that a lot.

You plug this cam into the cigarette lighter part for power. It has to be plugged in to work. It will start recording as soon as the engine starts. You can also set it to record when it senses movement. This can help if someone is messing with your car. Also it can detect and record if your car gets hit. That is very helpful.
The camera comes with an 8 gig SD card. That doesn’t hold much and the video loop will record over your footage. I suggest you get a 32 gig card. The 32 gig will record around 3 hours of video.
This product includes the dash cam, 8 gig card, power cord, suction cup for mounting on the dash, and data transfer cord. There is a manual included, I suggest you read it to enjoy all the features this camera has to offer.
The OldShark dash cam also includes a 30 day money back guarantee and an 18 month warranty.

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Isafish 101 pcs Fishing Lure Kit

This fishing lure kit by Isafish is a great find. It comes with over 100 different tools including: baits, beads, sinkers, wires, fake worms and maggots, fake fish, spinners, hooks, and so much more. The kit even includes a small pair of pliers. The lures are made of rubber, plastic and metal alloy. They are very life like in color, patterns and texture. I have used some of the lures already to catch bass.

I am impressed with this kit and would recommend it to anyone who loves to fish.
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Foldable Bluetooth headphones

These wireless Bluetooth headphones by Souldio have a great sound. They are loud, and include background noise cancellation. The sound is clear with a strong bass.

The charge is great. It will give you 16 hours of music with one charge and 300 hours of standby time. That is great because I love music. These earphones charge pretty fast too.
They have a great design like I’ve never seen. They will fold to save space when not in use. This is convenient to take with you. They easily fit in a purse or bag. The earphones fit around your neck and have retractable earbuds. It is much easier than dealing with cords. To put the ear buds back in place, you simply push a button. I like that a lot.
I would recommend these headphones to you, but if you are not satisfied they carry a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

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Fidget spinner

I have a lot of anxiety when out in public. I can’t handle all the noise and crowds. This spinner by RooRoo has helped me. Now i can concentrate on the spinner and block out whats going on around me. It helps at the store, dr office, family gatherings and at work. It is fun too. You can keep it spinning for a long time. The more you play, the better you will get. It has a professional inline skate 608 bearing with Premium balls.

I like this spinner, but if for some reason you do not, there is a lifetime full money back 

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Silicone tea bags

love to drink tea. I picked it up on my travels around America. These tea infusers by Ououdee are great. They are easy to use. You just pop off the bottom and add your favorite loose leaf tea, and just close it up. My favorite is Irish breakfast tea.

These tea infusers look just like tea bags. They are bright and come in punk, green, blue, orange and yellow. There are holes for the water to flow through without the tea leaves getting all in your cup. I’ve had no problem with mine. It comes with silicone string and holder so you don’t burn your fingers moving the tea bag around.
This product is made of FDA-approved, food-grade silicone. It is eco-friendly, nontoxic, odorless, and completely BPA-free. The bags can be resused and are easy to clean.

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Think Ink Pen

This think ink pen by ELValley is the equivalent to an adult fidget toy. I have adhd, and have all the cool fidget toys. They all help me but admittedly being an adult I get a lot of glares. This ink pen though, it allows me to keep my fingers busy and not look like I am playing with a kid toy. It is actually a pen. Every adult needs a pen to do work right? Aside from being an actual pen, the clip is a magnet. You can twist it around and make it in to different shapes. This will give your fingers something to do while allowing your mind to concentrate on the task in front of you. I like this pen a lot. I recommend it to anyone with fidgeting problems.

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Bluetooth FM radio transmitter

This FM transmitter by Tonight is pretty cool. I started not to get this transmitter because I was thinking, why do I need this if I have my phone to play music on the car. But I am glad i did! Now I can still play the same music but through my stereo system. The sound is great. The transmitter has two ports, one for your device and one to read files. You can charge your phone while listening to music. I like that.

This transmitter will play music from 4 different sources: Bluetooth, usb flash drive, sd card, or from a device from the audio cable.
If you have your phone connected, you can still see and take your calls. The transmitter has a mic built in, so you can talk hands free. There is a large screen so you can see who is calling. You can also see song information and even your battery voltage.
I like this FM transmitter and would recommend it to you.
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