Phone Lenses

This 2 in 1 phone lens by Akringer is very good. I love to take pictures with my phone and these lens have made my picture quality great.

The lens are .6 wide lens and a 10× macro lens. You just screw the lens you want in and then clip it to your phone. Just play around with it, find what you like. I take pictures of my nephews mostly but it is great for taking nature pictures.
The lenses are compatible with both iPhone and Android. I use a galaxy S8. Also included with the lenses and clip is a cleaning cloth, lens cover, user manual, and a nice case to carry everything in. This product carries a one year guarantee.

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Personal USB Fan

This mini fan by Mclife is so useful. I sleep hot at night, even with my air conditioner on. So I put this on my nightstand and I can point it directly on me. It keeps my face cool all night. The fan is 6 inches. It is compact enough to fit almost anywhere. Don’t let the small size fool you. This fan is very powerful. The fan is durable and great. It is also real quiet, so as not to keep you up at night.

I also love that it runs on a usb cable. I can plug it in the same place as my phone. This product comes with its own usb cable.
The color is cool too. I chose the pink one. It matches my room well and brings a more fun look to the decor.

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Mini spy camera

This mini spy camera is great. I put it up near my front door. I have a lot of people coming in and out because my daughter is home from college. Now i can monitor exactly who is coming when I am not home.

The camera is a tiny little square. It is hard recognize unless you know it is there. Also, there is no indicator light. The sound is good as well as the pictures and video. I have a 32 gig SD card in mine. I can check out the footage on my phone or computer.
The product includes: camera, bracket holder, 3 in one USB out cable, built-in lithium battery.

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Cupcake toppers

I saw these music cupcake toppers and thought the were so cute. They are perfect because I love music and my daughter loves to bake. These toppers come in a pack if 78. You can have enough cupcakes for a party or to bring to your child’s school.. even just surprise someone you love. The toppers have a small paper stick like thhe one on a lollipop that you put into the cupcake. The topper itself comes in four different musical notes. They are covered in gold glitter. I love them, I think they are fun.

This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Nintendo switch screen protector 

This is a very nice screen protector for my daughter’s switch. She is pretty rough with her things so I, of course had to get some kind of protection for her. This switch screen protector by Portholic is great. It is made of 9H tempered glass. It is very thin. I can bend without breaking.

The installation was easy enough and it fits perfect. The screen is clear and it doesn’t interfere with the touchscreen.
The package includes two tempered glass screen protectors, wet/dry wipes, a dust removal sticker and the installation manual. Also included is a 3 month warranty.

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OldShark Dash Cam

This dash cam by OldShark is pretty cool. It comes with all the features you would expect from a more expensive dash cam. It is sturdy and durable. The video and sound quality are great. It records in HD resolution, making the video footage clear. The camera covers a 140 degree field. It is great for day or night. The night vision includes an infared feature. I like that a lot.

You plug this cam into the cigarette lighter part for power. It has to be plugged in to work. It will start recording as soon as the engine starts. You can also set it to record when it senses movement. This can help if someone is messing with your car. Also it can detect and record if your car gets hit. That is very helpful.
The camera comes with an 8 gig SD card. That doesn’t hold much and the video loop will record over your footage. I suggest you get a 32 gig card. The 32 gig will record around 3 hours of video.
This product includes the dash cam, 8 gig card, power cord, suction cup for mounting on the dash, and data transfer cord. There is a manual included, I suggest you read it to enjoy all the features this camera has to offer.
The OldShark dash cam also includes a 30 day money back guarantee and an 18 month warranty.

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Isafish 101 pcs Fishing Lure Kit

This fishing lure kit by Isafish is a great find. It comes with over 100 different tools including: baits, beads, sinkers, wires, fake worms and maggots, fake fish, spinners, hooks, and so much more. The kit even includes a small pair of pliers. The lures are made of rubber, plastic and metal alloy. They are very life like in color, patterns and texture. I have used some of the lures already to catch bass.

I am impressed with this kit and would recommend it to anyone who loves to fish.
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